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24 hour bail bonds -Who issue bail bonds?

When a person is arrested, he or she may be able to pay the security deposit. This is a payment that the arrested person may be able to provide to the court to leave the prison until the trial. The payment is one…


Bail bonds | Chamber of the Urban Property

  Is it obligatory to deposit the deposit in the Chamber of the Urban property? Law 9/2010 of August 30, of the right to housing of the Community of Castile and León, published in BOCYL no. 173 dated September 7, 2010, in its REPEALING…


Bail in Cash for a Transport Permit

  The company applying for a transport license must deposit a cash guarantee of 9000 euros for this at the Downpay and Deposit Office. 5,000 euros must be paid for each additional vehicle.   Bail in cash for a transport permit Do I…


Bail in Money for a Government Contract

    A government contract is a contract that a government department concludes with a contractor or company to provide infrastructure, supplies or services. To guarantee the complete and proper execution of a government contract, the contract performer offers a financial guarantee. These…


The Crime of Private Violence

What constitutes the crime of private violence The crime of private violence takes shape according to art. 610 cp when? anyone, with violence or threat, forces others to do, tolerate or omit something?. The penalty provided for is imprisonment up to four years,…


Refund of Bail Bonds

Refund of Bails General Scheme RETURN OF URBAN LEASES BONDS IN GENERAL REGIME 1. – TERM OF RETURN According to Law 10/1992, of November 4, of Lease Bail Bonds and other contracts, the term to proceed to the return of the deposit is…


Bail: The Principles of Operation

The bond is part of the collateral category. It is a contract allowing a person to stand surety for the payment of his debt by another person. Bonding is a unilateral agreement whereby a person, the surety, agrees to pay the debt of…


The Crime of Beatings

The Italian penal code makes the offense of beatings fall within the sphere of crimes against the person (articles 575-623 bis). The crime, if the fact does not result in a disease in the body or in the mind and if the violence…