Credits Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand the credit reunion how it works, the entire Lisa Moolittle team has raised the various questions you can ask yourself if you are looking for a “credit pool” Lisa Moolittle .


Why Frequently Asked Questions about Loan Consolidation?

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The purpose is to inform and advise individuals on the concrete issues most frequently encountered by our financial advisers and analysts during the investigation of client files.

This is to obtain the information necessary for the questions on the consolidation of credits related to the processing of a restructuring file.

Many cases addressed allowing people looking for a financial solution, to understand that a grouping of loans is not automatically the answer to a situation of over-indebtedness.

Indeed, credit consolidation is the solution to many issues that are still related to the personal financial budget, but it can be to obtain cash to realize new projects, or to renegotiate revolving loans in repayable loan with a rate of fixed and attractive interest, etc.


Our FAQ about the redemption of credits

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All of the information and information circulated in the Lisa Moolittle Credit Redemption FAQ is from reliable and quality sources, as well as the various examples taken from real-life cases encountered by our financial advisors and analysts during the day-to-day case studies.

The most frequent questions concern the scale of rates charged, their fixed or variable nature? What are the different types of financial arrangements, partial unsecured loans in the form of a personal loan, or a combination of consumer and real estate mortgages?

Or what is the deadline for studying a file? But also many technical questions related to the particular and general conditions of the prior offer of credit gathering.

For example, is it possible to prepay all or part of my credit? Is borrower insurance mandatory? Is it feasible to obtain a cash envelope? …

A question that often concerns the individual, “Will I have to change bank domiciliation? Also, “How old is the subscriber to qualify for a loan to buy credit? “, Accompanied by the quiz” What is the maximum duration of a credit restructuring? “

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