The cheapest payday for 60 days? At the moment, the cheapest ones will be those on promotional terms for new customers at TongaBank and Hypocredit

Today, he continues the cycle of advice related to incurring non-bank loans focusing on payday loans. Many people are not satisfied with the standard repayment period, which is 30 days, which is why they often use the available repayment deadline. However, you already have to pay an additional fee, so today I will look at the cheapest payday loans with a total repayment period of 60 days.


And speaking of the cheapest companies offering moments for 60 days, you should start with TongaBank’s offer. It will definitely be the cheapest, provided, however, that we are a new customer of TongaBank and we borrow it for the first time. In this case, we can take advantage of the available promotion of the first loan for PLN 10 and the repayment period is as many as 60 days. As part of this promotion, however, we can borrow no more than PLN 750. Larger amounts of loans are available only to regular customers and, of course, already on “non-promotional” terms.

In addition to Wong, we will not find more companies offering weekend pay for 60 days. Therefore, it remains to be found among 30-day offers with the possibility of extending the repayment period. At the moment, many companies offering payday loans for 30 days offer promotional terms for the first loan (popular ” payday loans for PLN 0 “). Thanks to this, we do not pay any fees for borrowing it for 30 days. In order to extend this repayment period, it is enough to use the option of extending the repayment period before the end of repayment. It will of course be associated with an additional fee.

Fees for extending the repayment period by 30 days will vary depending on the company in which the loan was taken. Below you will find selected companies which today offer the first payment for 0. I have specified which companies have fees for extending the repayment by 30 days which will give us a total of 60 days repayment period.

Interimers for 2 months and 500 PLN loans for 60 days:

Hypocredit – first loan for 30 days for 0 PLN, extension of repayment for 30 days: 95.00 PLN
VIA SMS – the first loan for 30 days for PLN 0, repayment extension for 30 days: PLN 107.00
Metloan – first loan for 30 days for 0 PLN, extension of repayment for 30 days: PLN 150.00
Information on the cost of loans from 01/06/2014, current data on extension costs can be found under the links of loan companies

After this juxtaposition, it’s not hard to see that the best time for 60 days will be gained at Hypercredit, of course right after TongaBank’s promotional offer, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article.